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As a Philadelphia, PA + New Jersey Wedding Photographer, it should come as no surprise that I love weddings! However, while many favor the celebration that comes after the ceremony, I am partial to the ceremony. I love capturing the exact moment when a couple is announced as husband and wife. This moment is sealed by a first kiss followed by the ceremony exit. This is THE moment – the moment everyone is gathered together to witness and celebrate! It will also be the moment you, as the bride and groom, replay in your head and look back on in pictures, which is what you want to get it right! Below are 5 tips for a picture perfect first kiss and on-site ceremony exit.

5 Tips for a Picture Perfect First Kiss and Ceremony Exit

01. Position of the Microphone 

You want to make sure the microphone stand is positioned in front of the officiant and not in front of the couple! Otherwise, the bride and groom’s first kiss as husband and wife will be blocked by the microphone making it hard for your photographer to get that perfect photo of your first smooch. If you have the option, have the officiant use a handheld microphone so there is no stand needed! 

02. Enjoy Your First Kiss

YAY! The officiant just pronounced you as husband and wife! Now it is time for your first kiss. Enjoy this moment and make it last. Hold that kiss long enough to allow your officiant to step out of the way. You don’t want the officiant directly behind you as you kiss! Most officiants know to side step out of the shot, but I recommend bringing it up at your rehearsal to ensure there are no photobombs during your big moment!  Holding that kiss a little longer will also give your photographer a few seconds to capture a great shot, (but not so long that it gets awkward!)

03. Petals, Bubbles, or Confetti

Giving the guests something to do for your grand exit is not only super fun, but makes for great exit photos. Petals, bubbles, and confetti are all excellent choices. Distribute the item of choice to your guests sitting closest to the aisle and make sure everyone is given specific instructions on what to do. 

Sometimes, guests can be shy when it comes to the ceremony, as they don’t want to make assumptions or mess anything up. Therefore, make sure they know what the item is and when to use it. It is best to have the officiant make an announcement, reminding everyone to grab their item and get ready, right before the announcement of husband and wife. Depending on the item you chose, people should get ready to toss petals or throw confetti, as soon as you turn and start walking down the aisle. If you are using bubbles, guests should start blowing bubbles as you kiss so the bubbles have a chance to float up!

04. Take It Slow

As you head out of the ceremony for your grand exit, walk slowly down the aisle. Don’t rush back down the aisle. Take in the moment and the view of your guests cheering and celebrating your marriage.  Relax and take your time as you walk hand in hand back down the aisle. 

When you get halfway down the aisle, wrap your arms around one another and go in for another kiss. Be sure to hold it for a couple seconds to allow your photographer to grab those epic wedding shots.

05. Don’t Forget Your Family and Wedding Party

Directly after your ceremony exit, gather together with your wedding party and immediate family for a quick moment off to the side. These are your people; the people who are most important in your life! They want to celebrate this happy moment with you. The celebratory hugs with parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen are some of my favorite captured moments of the day. They’re joyful and completely candid.

When it comes to weddings, there are so many details and special moments to capture throughout the day. However, the first kiss and the moments directly after are ones you’ll want to replay and relive over and over again. Therefore capturing the perfect moment is crucial! I hope these 5 tips for a picture perfect kiss and on-site ceremony exit help you as you plan for your big day.

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